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      Debian: The biggest is
still the best.

      Linux/m68k Distributions

      There are several distributions (including the kernel and software packages) available of Linux/m68k; here's some information about them:

      Debian GNU/Linux

      Debian was the first major distribution to officially support Linux/m68k, starting with the 2.0 release. Unlike most other distributions, it is staffed entirely by volunteers and does not sell its own CDs, relying on donations from resellers and end-users to provide the infrastructure (FTP and web servers, for example) to support the distribution. Several vendors (including Debian developers like Chris Lawrence and Steve McIntyre) are making CD-ROMs of the current (2.1/slink) release available; you can also download the distribution from ftp.debian.org and its mirrors.

      The Debian/m68k web pages provide some specific information about the m68k port.

      Debian/m68k Installation Guides

      All of these guides have been updated for the current (2.1/slink) release of Debian/m68k:

      Red Hat

      Although Red Hat Software does not officially support Linux/m68k, Jes Degn Srensen has made an unofficial port of the Red Hat distribution (version 5.1); you can download the packages from Sunsite Denmark. [Denmark]

      At least five vendors are distributing the unofficial Red Hat port: Holger Lubitz's linuxservice.de [Germany], Schatztruhe [Germany], Software Hut (reselling Schatztruhe's CD-ROM), Chris Lawrence and Red Hat Software.

      Ron Flory has written an installation guide for the port.

      Whiteline Linux/68k

      Whiteline Linux/68k [Germany] is another Debian 2.0-based distribution, apparently geared toward Atari users. This site is also in German.

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